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Bordon, Whitehill, Oakhanger, Liphook and surrounding areas.


Bespoke One-on-One walks with a certified dog trainer tailored to your dogs needs!

About Solo Walks

No need to worry if your dog has specific needs that a regular dog walker can't meet. Our personalized dog walking services in Bordon, Whitehill, Oakhanger, Liphook, and surrounding areas are tailored to your furry friend's unique requirements. We believe your dog deserves our full attention during their walk, so our walks are one-on-one only. 
Whether your dog is reactive, nervous, anxious around strangers, or struggles with travelling, we have the solution for you! Our flexible services can be adapted to meet your dog's specific needs. 
What sets us apart is that I am a fully accredited dog trainer. We understand your dog's specific needs, and you can trust us to provide the care your furry friend deserves. We understand that finding the right care for your quirky dog can be a challenge, but at What the Woof, we empathize with you and work closely with you to ensure that you can relax while your dog is under our care.

Bordon, Whitehill, Oakhanger, Liphook and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Solo Walks

One on One attention

By having your dog walked one on one with a trainer you can ensure they have 100% attention on them at all times meaning less chance of them getting into any trouble or practicing behaviour you have been working hard to train on.

Less Worry

Your one on one walk is tailored to your dogs needs. If they need space from other dogs we can take them to safe areas where they're unlikely to have any surprises. If they don't travel well we can walk them straight from your house. If they;re worried about strangers we can take our time to build a relationship with them at their pace.


If you've been working hard on training your dog to loose lead walk, or recall when cued, or to be less fixated on other dogs, we can continue the training for you when you're away at work. During our one to one walk we can ensure we keep up the hard work you've put in and dedicate the time and patience to ensuring your dog isn't practicing the behaviour you don't want to see.


Solo Walks are priced at £20 for 45 minute walks. 

Bulk discounts are available if our services are required on a regular schedule.

Bordon, Whitehill, Oakhanger, Liphook and surrounding areas.
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